Control Shed

Next Generation Poultry Farming

The challenges faced by today’s farmer in Pakistan include:

Lack of appropriate land at affordable price
Pressure to produce good quality poultry products at low price
Increase the productivity & efficiency
Disease prevention and higher hygienic standards
To meet these challenges is getting harder day by day with the current farming methodologies. Even the use of advanced technologies in floor rearing is not sufficient to meet the challenges of these and comming days.

The use of poultry cages/batteries is inevitable in all types of poultry farming in Pakistan. The use of cages is already a standard in advanced agricultural countries. The history cage use in commercial poultry farming is as old as 1931.

The poultry rearing in cages has a number of advantages:

True industrial poultry farming
Far higher space efficiency
Higher bio security and hygienic standards
Less diseases due to missing contact with manure/waste
No/less ammonia gas production
Cleaner and healthier birds & eggs
Cost saving due to no need of litter
Low manpower requirement
More cycles/year in case of broiler
Better fertility & hatchability in case of parent stock
#SulehriTechPakistan & #GhanzauHunanChina introduces first time in Pakistan the high quality cages for all type of poultry farming.
Sulehri Tech Official agent of Guangzhou Huanan Poultry Equipment CO.,LTD


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